Recorded Sat, June 18, 2022 3:02 am (EDT)
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    In this session we will first examine the nature of vocabulary and vocabulary acquisition as well as the main principles involved in vocabulary teaching and learning at the pre-intermediate level. We will then demonstrate and evaluate techniques for presenting vocabulary as well as a range of practical classroom activities that can help learners remember, recall and retrieve vocabulary for receptive and productive purposes.

    Thus, the session will address the following issues:
    • Vocabulary knowledge: aspects of knowing a word (form, grammar, phonology, denotation, connotation, collocation, register)
    • Receptive and productive vocabulary: stages of vocabulary acquisition and the role of memory and mnemonics
    • Focusing on different aspects of lexis in class: techniques for contextualising, presenting and checking understanding of vocabulary for both receptive and productive purposes
    • Practising, recycling and using vocabulary in communication: practical activities focusing on receptive retrieval, productive retrieval, elaboration and communicative use of vocabulary
    • Planning vocabulary work: focusing on vocabulary in dedicated vocabulary lessons vs. integrating vocabulary with skills work.

    Throughout the session, examples will be drawn mainly from Tieng Anh 10 Friends Global and underlying principles will be related to specific classroom practices.
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