Recorded Sat, June 25, 2022 3:02 am (EDT)
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    In this session we will examine the nature of spoken language production and interaction, with a focus on factors contributing to fluency, including pre-planning, online planning, task repetition and self- and peer- assessment of spoken performance. We will demonstrate different types of tasks that can be used to develop fluency at the pre-intermediate level and explore issues related to the management of speaking tasks and the planning of speaking lessons.

    Thus, the session will address the following issues:
    • Spoken production and interaction: skills and strategies needed for effective spoken communication
    • Improving fluency: the role of planning what to say and how to say it; benefits of task repletion; the role of feedback
    • Fluency-building tasks: narrative tasks, presentations and debates for spoken production; information gaps, opinion gaps and reasoning gaps for spoken interaction.
    • Managing speaking tasks: analysing the demands of the task and helping learners prepare; setting up speaking tasks; monitoring speaking; giving and taking feedback on language and content.

    Throughout the session, examples will be drawn mainly from Tieng Anh 10 Friends Global and underlying principles will be related to specific classroom practices.

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